South Pacific Sailing Network

Creation and coordination of a regional association working for the development of international recreational sailing in the South Pacific island basin and coordination in terms of promotion, structuring and training.


  • Positioning and promoting the South Pacific sailing basin to compete with the Antilles and Mediterranean areas
  • Making the area more attractive and turning it into the Sailing Destination of the future
  • Professionalizing and developing the service offer
  • Working together at Pacific island level

Key figures:

  • 1500 sailing boats pass through the Panama Canal
  • 700 sailing boats arrived in Polynesia in 2016
  • 510 stopovers made in Fiji in 2016
  • Potential target of more than 500 sailing boats in the Antilles, 3000 sailing boats along the Pacific coast from San Francisco to Mexico, and 2000 recreational sailors living in the South Pacific island region.